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Team Levi Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $20,000.00
Total Raised: $15,537.72

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 30
Members Recruited: 75

Join our team and help us support the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas!

<p><span style="color: red;"><strong style="color: #ff0000;">Please note:</strong> </span>A commemorative Buddy WalkŪ t-shirt is included with participant registration only. If you would like to register, please <a href="">click here</a>.</p>

Team Members:
Total Raised$15,537.72  
General Team Donation$11,496.00  
Ali Ackles$0.00  
   Josh Ackles$200.00  
   Levi Ackles$55.00  
   Lincoln Ackles$0.00  
   Logan Ackles$0.00  
   Brooke Alexander$0.00  
   Angela Behymer$0.00  
   Garrett Behymer$0.00  
   Kinsley Behymer$0.00  
   Roger Behymer$0.00  
   Jo Bitros$0.00  
   Landry Blanchard$50.00  
   Stacy Blanchard$100.00  
   Chad Boruk$0.00  
   Lacey Boruk$0.00  
   Lily Boruk$0.00  
   Luke Boruk$0.00  
   Aidan Bosse$0.00  
   Aubrey Bosse$0.00  
   Chris Bosse$0.00  
   Karen Bosse$0.00  
   Winchester Bros$2,641.72  
   Brooks Corso$0.00  
   Eric Corso$0.00  
   Isaac Corso$0.00  
   Jose Corso$0.00  
   Kim Corso$0.00  
   Landen Corso$0.00  
   Piper Corso$0.00  
   Cierra Gildert$0.00  
   Rikki Gildert$0.00  
   Alyssa Horner$0.00  
   Cade Horner$0.00  
   Chris Horner$0.00  
   Layton Horner$0.00  
   Raina Horner$0.00  
   Ryland Horner$0.00  
   Kristen Horton$100.00  
   Lauren Horton$0.00  
   Luke Horton$25.00  
   Pierce Horton$0.00  
   Charlie Houston$0.00  
   JuJu Houston$25.00  
   Shay Houston$25.00  
   Prinz Kayla$0.00  
   Ellie Langland$0.00  
   John Langland$0.00  
   Peyton Langland$0.00  
   Tish Langland$0.00  
   Caroline Le$25.00  
   Hannelore Le$25.00  
   Lucia Le$25.00  
   Naomi Maggiora$30.00  
   Robert Nishiyama$0.00  
   Debbie Nohrenberg$25.00  
   Leah Nohrenberg$0.00  
   John Prinz$0.00  
   Julie Prinz$0.00  
   Bryan Ross$0.00  
   Jessica Rowe$0.00  
   Addie Seale$0.00  
   AlyeBeth Seale$0.00  
   AnnaClaire Seale$0.00  
   Barrett Seale$0.00  
   Stephanie Seale$0.00  
   Amy Starnes$0.00  
   Amber Teamann$0.00  
   Michael Teamann$0.00  
   Taylor Teamann$0.00  
   Tenley Teamann$0.00  
   Kevin Thomas$0.00  
   Leah Thomas$0.00  
   Stephanie Thomas$0.00  
   Team Winchester$55.00  
   Fangasm Zubernis/Prior$635.00  

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